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The National Trade Union Congress of South Africa (NTUC) hereby wishes to take this opportunity to announce its registration as a trade union as of 2016-02-10, to its existing members, to the entire labour force, to all progressive forces and ordinary citizens of our country. Our road to registration of our first apolitical trade union federation of the 21st century was long and rough, but, at the end, we succeeded.


Who are we, which sectors do we cover?

We seek to represent workers across all sectors of the South African economy to affirm the position of workers solidarity forever under the banner of NTUC. NTUC prides itself as the only union that advocates for back to basics and adherence to legislative and other related prescripts that govern the workplace. We are proud to announce our existence in the following sectors since our existence: hospitality, automotive, construction, and government etc. As a union, we have adopted a position that seeks to house, under one banner, all workers and not classify them as workers according to sectors for we strongly believe this weakens the collective power of the working class in South Africa. We are driven and inspired by the slogan, an injury to one is an injury to all which in our own redefined slogan finds expression in, solidarity forever! All sectors, as workers, will, in solidarity, down tools, until such time that the demands of the affected sector are met! This approach, seeks to reclaim and restore the power of the working class in our lifetime!

Gone are those days where NTUC was denied a right to employee representation at certain companies due to non-registration, and inevitably the days of honey moon for racists, exploitative and capitalists in such institutions and Departments are drawing to an end as NTUC makes inroads to their companies and Departments to put an imminent end to their exploitative nature of the working class. The conscious decision to adopt an apolitical position and establish an overarching union was informed after analysis of the existing selling out of workers by the current trade unions affiliated to COSATU, in particular, which is nothing but puppet formation of the ruling party with no real bargaining powers but perceived theoretical power which failed over the years of its existence to translate to better working conditions of the workers; end to labour brokering; minimum wages for all sectors; unionization of non-unionized workers; prevention of manslaughter by the state as we have witnessed in Marikina and other parts of the country as workers embark on strikes to register their dissatisfaction of their unions. It was formed by young, fresh, decolonized, radical and militant leaders. We urge all discouraged, hopeless and helpless workers of our country to rally behind NTUC and help make it grow. The time for a union that seeks to restructure as opposed to reform is now, and it can never be postponed. All workers have a choice to either form part of a radical change in the labour fraternity by joining NTUC, or to remain co-authors of their own exploitation by remaining in the sell outs unions.

NTUC remains the only alternative!!

What we do.

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Our services include, and not only limited to the following.

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